Portugal - Villamora

Friday afternoon after siesta we went with Don to pick up the rental car in Rota. From there we set off on an overnight trip to Portugal. Kay had homework to do so she and Aaron stayed behind.

Over and over as we drove west through Spain we would see hilltop towns like this one, with a church and white stucco houses surrounding it.

20000616-2-12-To-Portugal-Town (49K)

There was construction along the highway just as there is at home. Here, we approach the bridge to Portugal.

20000616-2-15-To-Portugal-Bridge-Approach (33K)

I expected to see customs and immigration but there was none between Spain and Portugal. This is the new Europe of the EC.

The full moon was shining from the east as we drove across the bridge.

20000616-2-19-To-Portugal-Bridge (36K)

We arrived at Villamora after dark. After we checked into our hotel, we walked down to the Marina to see the sights and find a place to eat.

We walked all the way around three sides of the Marina looking for a Portugese restaurant. Here we are at the far end of the Marina looking back at the hotels and casinos and the full moon.

We could have eaten burgers and pizza at many places, but not native food. Finally, we found a nice Portugese restaurant near the entrance to the Marina, where we had started out.

20000616-3-03-Villamora-Marina-Moonlight (59K)

This was one of several parades we saw at the Marina.

20000616-3-05-Villamora-Parade (62K)

Behind the Marina, back towards the hotel was this street scene. The full moon is over the building in the center.

20000616-3-06-Villamora-Shops (47K)

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