Puerto de Santa Maria - Casa Kinghorn & Beach

Friday morning was free time. Lynne hung around the house and Dick walked to the beach, only 0.8 km (0.5 mile) from the Kinghorn's in Puerto.

Casa Kinghorn

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We passed through these woods every time we entered the Kinghorn's compound.

20000616-1-12-Puerto-Woods (121K)

There was construction all over the place in Puerto.

20000616-1-17-Puerto-Puerto-Construction (82K)

More construction, this near the beach

20000616-1-23-Puerto-Puerto-Construction (64K)

Looking up the beach toward town

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The dog and cat relax. These guys are pals, don't you think?

20000616-1-05-Puerto-Cat-Dog (43K)

The Kinghorns with pets pose with Lynne for one last photo. The pets had minds of their own. The cat is just leaving.

20000617-5-25-Puerto-Kinghorns-crop (80K)

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