Portugal - Ceramics Shop

Saturday morning we ate a buffet breakfast at the hotel and then drove to Albufiera. On the way, we stopped at a ceramics shop by the road.

Galeria Artesaual - Artesanato Pottery

20000616-3-08-0617-Villamora-Ceramic-Shop (68K)

Next door is an Olá ice cream store. Their sign resembles the Frigo ice cream sign we saw in Cadiz.

20000616-3-16-0617-Villamora-Magnum-Sign (65K) 20000614-3-24A-Cadiz-Magnum-Sign (53K)

These plates were displayed outdoors.

20000616-3-17-0617-Villamora-Ceramic-Plates (103K)

Coming from Kansas, we noticed these plates painted with sunflowers.

20000617-1-02-Villamora-Creamics-Sunflowers (90K)

Inside, shelves were lined with all kinds of ceramics.

20000616-3-21-0617-Villamora-Ceramic-Shelves (84K)

These bottles were lined up like soldiers at attention.

20000616-3-25-0617-Villamora-Ceramic-Bottles (60K)

This lattice holds dozens of ceramic houses.

20000617-1-01-Villamora-Houses-On-Rack (117K)

20000617-1-01-Villamora-Houses-On-Rack-crop (142K)

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