Dino Trip 2003 - Wyoming Dinosaur Center

Friday morning we made our way across town and over the river to the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.

We arrived at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center at 8:30 AM. We signed up for the 9:00 AM dig tour and looked around the museum while we waited. Thomas put a needle on Prairie Village, Kansas on a map at the entrance.

The museum is 10,000 square feet. The museum tour starts with display cases which lead to a large open area with about 10 fully-articulated, mounted skeletons.

20030627-2206-Wyoming-Dinosaur-Center (42K)

The Monolophosaurus is a Jurassic dinosaur from China. It is a medium-sized carnosaur closely related to Allosaurus.

20030627-2138-Monolophosaurus (92K)

Bellusaurus (which means beautiful lizard) was discovered in China in 1982. It was a herbavore which reached a length of 15 feet.

20030627-2142-Bellusaurus (89K)

Tuojiangosaurus, lizard from the Tuo River, was a stegosaurid. Like the Stegosaurus, it was a herbovore; it grew up to 75 feet in length, almost three times as long as the Stegosaurus.

20030627-2155-Tuojiangosaurus (87K)

"Morris" the Camarasaurus was the first dinosaur from the Warm Springs Ranch dig sites, associated with the museum. It was discovered in 1993 and excavated 1993 - 1995. Its mounting consumed 25,000 hours of preparation and took seven years. The mount is the original fossil bones. Morris is 47 1/2 feet (14.43 m) long and 11' 3" (3.7 m) tall.

20030627-2146-Camarasaurus (77K)

Allosaurus fragilis from the Morrison Formation, late Jurassic, found in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Montana, and Europe.

20030627-2193-Allosaurus (76K)

Tricerotops and a Tyrannosaurus Rex

20030627-2186-Tricerotops-T-Rex (89K)

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