Dino Trip 2003 - Thermopolis, Wyoming

After we checked in to our hotel, we headed into town to look for a place to eat dinner. We headed in on 6th Street, US-20, and found that Broadway was closed. We circled around and found Pumpernick's, where Dick had catish and Thomas had a cheeseburger.

Next, we looked at a sculpure and monument to the settlement of Thermopolis, and at a small park with a dinosaur theme. We then headed back to the hotel at sunset.

The Texaco truckstop is right across from the Super-8. Behind, one of the hills is the western part of the Wyoming Dinosaur Center's Jurassic dinosaur quarry.

20030626-2113-Thermopolis-Texaco (53K)

This park is on the east side of 6th Street just north of Broadway.

20030626-2115-Wyoming-Dinosaur-Center-Sign (72K)

From This Soil Come the Riches of the World by Carl Jensen, 1999

20030626-2132-Thermopolis-Statue (58K)

20030626-2121-Thermopolis-Statue-sign (85K)

Pumpernick's Family Restaurant

20030626-2133-Thermopolis-Pumpernicks (72K)

As we left town for our motel that night, it looked like the Allosaurus was going to eat Thermopolis.

20030626-2137-Thermopolis-Allosaurus (69K)

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