Dino Trip 2003 - Wyoming Dinosaur Quarry

At 9:00 AM our tour guide John took Thomas and Dick and a couple with a seven-year-old son on the dig site tour. The tour was informative and educational. John included much technical detail which greatly increased the value of the experience.

The dinosaur quarry encompasses 300 acres out of the 7500 acre cattle ranch. It is a hilltop with quarry sites on both the eastern and western slopes.

This is a view of the eastern slope looking north. The orange fence is near the place where Morris, the first specimen found, was excavated.

20030627-2174-Site-Original (86K)

Once the site was identified and Dr. Kohl bought the ranch, a road was constructed up the the dig site so serious work could proceed. This is the eastern leg of the road.

20030627-2173-Site-Road (74K)

This map shows the GPS track of our travels around Thermopolis. Dick carried the GPS along on the bus tour.

THWY S8 is the Super8 Motel we stayed in.
WY PUMP is Pumpernick's Family Restaurant, where we ate dinner
WY DINO is the Wyoming Dinosaur Center museum
WYDINOCOR is where the tour left the county road.
DIG1 is the eastern slope dig site

20030627-Map-Thermopolis (82K)

The SI dig site. As this area was being cleared for a parking lot, a spotter watched as the bulldozer inched along. At one point, he called out to stop, since he had seem something that "Seems Interesting".

The SI dig site is one of only three Allosaurus feeding grounds worldwide. No eggshells have been found, so it is thought not to be a nesting ground, but disarticulated prey and Allosaurus teeth, including juvenile, have been found here.

20030627-2179-Site-SI (92K)

A toy Apatosaurus has been set on top of an Apatosaurus bone in the feeding site.

20030627-2158-Apatosaurus (81K)

Apatosaurus footprints from a later time have been painted dark to make them easier to see. In the highlighted area is an intact vertibra that was pushed into the mud under the Apatosaurus's foot.

20030627-2161-Apatosaurus-Footprints (80K)

A blue covering is over the TH dig site where a Diplodicus is being excavated.

20030627-2165-Site-2 (85K)

Our guide John illustrates a point with a fossil. To his right are fossil bones covered with plaster in preparation for removal to the lab.

20030627-2167-Site-2-Inside (79K)

Thomas is holding two chevron bones, an identifier of the Diplodicus.

20030627-2170-Site-2-Thomas (78K)

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