Dino Trip 2003 - Laramie to Casper, Wyoming

AAA routed us from Laramie to Casper by way of Cheyenne on east I-80, then north on I-25. When we checked in to the Sunset Inn, Dick asked the desk clerk for the best way to Casper. He said a much shorter route was to drive north from Laramie on US-30 to Medicine Bow, then north on WY-487 to WY-77, rejoin WY-487 to Wy-220, then east to Casper. He said there was little traffic and the drive was beautiful.

For much of the trip our road paralleled railroad lines. Here it was the Union Pacific; across Montana it would be the Burlington Northern.

Train about 1/2 mile west of the road, with a rock outcropping beyond.

There are windmills in a long line along this ridge. We could finally see snow-capped mountains, our fourth day near the Rockies.

20030626-2052-Mountain-Windmills (34K)

Medicine Bow has a romantic name but was not a very big town. Here, a former gas station is for sale.

20030626-2054-Medicine-Bow-For-Sale (60K)

Finally in Casper, we ate lunch at Karen and Jim's. It was decorated in pop culture, with Darth Vader and other Star Wars characters, movie stills, and life-sized cut-outs. Our waitress was Karen. Dick had the Gyros sandwich, which was quite good. The glassed-in breezeway is probably quite useful in the winter.

20030626-2059-Karen-and-Jims (50K)

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