Dino Trip 2003 - Casper, Wyoming - Tate Museum

The Tate Earth Sciences Center and Mineralogical Museum is on the campus of Casper State University. It was summer break and there were no parking regulations to fool with. The campus and the museum are on a rise above town, on the south side.

Tate Earth Sciences Center and Mineralogical Museum

20030626-2085-Tate-Museum (63K)

Principal Donors Marion and Inez Tate of Casper

20030626-2083-Tates (33K)

The Tate Museum is one room about 50 feet by 60 feet. Displays of fossils and minerals are on platforms and in cases.

20030626-2081-Tate-Museum (79K)

This is a cast of the skull of Stan the T. Rex, on loan from the Black Hills Institute, with Thomas roaring like a dinosaur.

20030626-2060-T-Rex-Thomas (71K)

Stan took over 30,000 hours of preparation. In the process, a hole the size of a T. Rex tooth was found in the top of Stan's skull - probably the relic of a fight.

20030626-2066-Stan-Skull-Hole (77K)

Thomas next to an Apatosaur leg

20030626-2069-Apatosaur-Leg (60K)

Dick next to an Apatosaur rib.

20030626-2075-Apatosaur-Rib (56K)

Biting versus slashing

20030626-2076-Biting-vs-Slashing (55K)

Mineral displays included this case, illustrating the practical use of minerals as ingredients of everyday products.

20030626-2070-Extractive-Resources (76K)

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