Dino Trip 2003 - Laramie Museum - Fossils and Minerals

The museum included more dinosaur skulls on the mezzanine and a phosphorescent mineral display room at the back of the first level.

Thomas and a Tricerotops skull. Tricerotops is Wyoming's state dinosaur.

20030625-2000-Tricerotops-Skull (66K)

Thomas and a Pachycephalosaurus skull

20030625-2002-Thomas-Skull (59K)

A rhinosaurus jawbone under UV light

20030625-2011-UV-Rino-Jaw (46K)

Calcite, Willemite, Franklinite, Zincite: Franklin, New Jersey

20030625-2012-UV-Calcite-et-al (44K)

Calcite, Willemite, Chandrodite, Franklinite, Garnet, Nobergite: New Jersey, above.
Calcite, Willemite: New Jersey, below.
Willemite, Pyrochorite, Rhodochorite, Calcite: Ogdensberg, New Jersey, right.

20030625-2017-UV-Calcite (46K)

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