Dino Trip 2003 - Laramie Museum - Allosaurus

One of the museum's prize specimens is a young Allosaurus nicknamed "Big Al". A story of its life was dramatized on a BBC program in the early 1990s. Major events were reconstructed based on fossilized evidence of injuries. Most notible was a fist-sized knot of bone on its right foot.

Big Al is mounted on the main floor of the museum. The knot on its right foot is most distinctive.

Thomas and Dick have watched the life of Big Al several times and were excited to see Big Al "in the bones".

Thomas and "Big Al"

20030625-1977-Big-Al-Thomas (76K)

"Big Al" from above. Notice the knot of bone in the right foot - the result of an infection near the end of "Big Al's" life.

20030625-2006-Big-Al-Above (81K)

This mural depicts a scene from "Big Al's life, also shown in the BBC program.

20030625-1997-Thomas-Big-Al-Mural (56K)

This is part of a 3-D map of Wyoming; it shows where "Big Al" met his end and was found 150 million years later.

20030625-1980-Big-Al-Site (61K)

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