Dino Trip 2003 - Glendive - Makoshika State Park - Folf

Folf is a contraction of Frisbee and Golf. It is played on a course with nine or eighteen "holes", with a tee off point and a gong for each pole, 150 to 250 feet away. Fly the frisbee from tee-off to gong and count throws; lowest score wins.

A Google search for folf yields over hits 4000 hits.

Here is a brief set of rules and a map of the course at Makoshika State Park.

The course was placed in low ground, with grass plateaus above and sand and rock washes below. In nine holes, Thomas and I got a good workout in 90 minutes of play, running up and down.

We had only one frisbee. After Dick lost the frisbee for five minutes on the second hole, we devised a method whereby one player would throw his entire hole while the other player 'spotted' halfway to the hole. We never lost the frisbee for long again.

20030629-2386-MSP-Folf-Rules (69K)

Thomas is pointing to the next hole. Another hole and its gong is visible to his right.

20030629-2394-MSP-Folf-Thomas (49K)

We saw no rattlesnakes but did see plenty of cactus.

20030629-2389-MSP-Folf-Cactus (144K)

20030629-2393-MSP-Folf-Cactus (154K)

The anthills were enormous by Kansas standards. This one was two feet across and nine inches high. Look at the shadow it casts!

20030629-2391-MSP-Folf-Anthill (129K)

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