Dino Trip 2003 - Dakota Dinosaur Museum

Dick's search on Yahoo! for dakota dinosaur found the Dakota Dinosaur Museum. We visited there Monday, after leaving Glendive about 11:15 AM and having lunch at the Dickinson, ND Applebee's.

A photographer from Prairie Public Broadcasting was filming at the entrance to the Dakota Dinosaur Museum.

20030630-2465-DDM-Photographer (74K)

Thomas inspects the Tricerotops replica outside the museum.

20030630-2409-Tricerotops (86K)

This T. Rex skull, along with its descriptive plaque (below) greets visitors as they enter the museum.

20030630-2411-DDM-T-Rex-Skull (73K)

20030630-2412-DDM-T-Rex-Plaque (84K)

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