Dino Trip 2003 - Glendive - Makoshika State Park

Dick found Makoshika State Park in his web search for Montana Dino. It is Montana's largest state park. Makoshika means bad earth or bad land in the Sioux language. Makoshika State Park is south of Glendive and the route is well marked.

A self-deposit fee box was near this sign at the entrance to the park - detail

20030629-2332-Makoshika-State-Park (68K)

First, we stopped at the park's visitor center. We spoke to a ranger who suggested sights to see. We visited the gift shop, where Thomas convinced Dick to buy a frisbee to play folf. More on folf later.

20030629-2340-MSP-Nature-Center (57K)

This Tricerotops skull and display was in the visitor center.

20030629-2335-MSP-Tricerotops (86K)

Thomas demonstrated this machine which illustrates folding of rock layers on the earth's surface. He is holding our folf frisbee.

20030629-2337-MSP-Folding-Thomas (59K)

Upstairs was a display dedicated to conservation, including the paddlefish.

20030629-2339-MSP-Paddlefish (49K)

We followed the park road up to the unpaved section. We turned left here to Pine-On-Rocks Vista, Eyeful Vista, and Cains Coulee Overlook.

20030629-2350-MSP-Road-Impassable (81K)

Grass and trees carpet the bottoms of these canyons. There were views like this for over 180 degrees.

20030629-2354-MSP-POR (105K)

Tan-colored boulders were held up by crumbling gray rock in many places in the park. Here you can see the pedestals along with the tan and gray strata still in place to the right. Some neighboring boulders have already fallen.

20030629-2360-MSP-POR-Rocks-Crop (99K)

Thomas views the scenery.

20030629-2362-MSP-POR-Thomas-Binoculars (117K)

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