The White House

After we toured Mt. Vernon on Monday we ate lunch in the tourist restaurant. The staff wore period costumes and the menu was adapted from the late 18th century.

Next, we drove into Washington, unloaded our van at the hotel, and returned the van. We didn't need or want a car while we were in the city. Back at the hotel, we decided who slept where, unpacked, and walked around the neighborhood and found a restaurant for dinner.

Tuesday morning we took a White House tour.

20000711-1-03-DC-White-House (72K)

20000711-1-04-DC-White-House-Sign (80K)

At the tour, we met a family from the Netherlands. We walked through together, while Dick shared tidbits of American history.

Here, we stand outside the White House after the tour. Lynne is talking with the Dad, Lucy is talking with Joan, Will, and Sarah, and the son of the family from the Netherlands is taking a picture of his sister.

20000710-2-17-DC-White-House-Portrait (65K)

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A group portrait - left to right - Lynne, Lucy, Thomas, Sarah, Joan, and Will.

20000710-2-25-DC-White-House-Group-Portrait (91K)

The Old Executive Office Building, near the White House.

20000711-1-08-DC-Old-Executive-Office-Building (96K)

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