The Renwick Art Gallery

After we toured the White House, we stepped across the street to the Renwick Art Gallery.

This painting gallery is on the second floor at the top of the main staircase.

20000711-1-10-DC-Renwick-Gallery (55K)

Morse Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

20000711-1-11-DC-Morse-Grand-Canyon-Of-Yellowstone (81K)

Thomas toured the museum with Dick while Lynne, Joan, Lucy, Will, and Sarah toured together.

20000711-1-15-DC-Renwick-Thomas-Goofy (71K)

Alice Pike Barney

20000711-1-17-DC-Alice-Pike-Barney (31K)

Alice Pike Barney Self-Portrait

20000711-1-17-DC-Alice-Pike-Barney-self (59K)

Alice Pike Barney

20000711-1-18-DC-Painting-Alice-Pike-Barney (52K)

By the time we left the Renwick Gallery it was raining.

20000711-1-21-DC-Renwick-Kids (52K)

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