Thom(p)son (Re)union - 2001 - Thompson Island - Tour

Matt Procino met us after we left the ferry at 8:50 on Thompson Island. Matt is Director Of Sales, Contract Programs for the Thompson Island Outward Bound Education Center.

The school and administration area is treed with green lawns. This is a view across the quadrangle.

Thompson Island Quadrangle (63K)

Matt was our host on the Island, giving us a tour, lunch, and answering our questions. Here, Matt is giving a talk in the lunchroom while Don Thompson takes his picture.

We were treated to a delightful lunch here.

20011005-1-14A-Thompson-I-Talk (51K)

After lunch, Matt took us on a tour of the Island. It is barely a mile off shore and we had a delightfully clear day. Here, we could see the JFK Library at Columbia Point, Boston.

JFK Library from Thompson Island (74K)

Two of our party make their way back down a dirt path. Most of Thompson Island is undeveloped.

Path through thicket on Thompson Island (90K)

This salt marsh is an important wildlife refuge. Thompson Island has one of two salt marshes in Boston Harbor and the last great salt marsh in the harbor. At low tide (2 hours a day) a sand bar connects Thompson Island to Quincy.

Thompson Island is 147 acres and 1 mile tip to tip. There is very little fresh water on the island; it is piped in from Quincy. Electrical power is sent under the sand bar from Quincy.

Note the fall colors of the sumac.

Salt Marsh at the south end of Thompson Island (100K)

We were treated with this beautiful view of the Boston skyline, with the Back Bay to the left and downtown to the right.

Boston Skyline with Boston Harbor in the foreground (103K)

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