Thom(p)son (Re)union - 2001 - Thompson Island - Going On the Ferry

Six of us went in the van Friday morning, leaving bright and early from the Quaker Inn and driving the Mass Pike into Boston. We arrived at the Boston Design Center at 7:30, met the rest of the group, and bought breakfast at Le Bon Pain deli.

We took the 8:30 ferry to Thompson Island, where we were the guests of Thompson Island Outward Bound.

We left enough time to get lost; finally, we found the terminal and a sign to the Thompson Island ferry.

Sign to Thompson Island Ferry with power plant in the background (48K)

George Armstrong, President of Thompson Island Outward Bound, was on the ferry and met us when it arrived. Here, the ferry is pulling up to the dock.

20011004-4-16-1005-Thompson-I-Ferry (78K)

We were soon underway. As we pulled into the channel, we went past the Caronia, which was docked at the Black Falcon Terminal. The terminal is distinctive on land as well, and was a source of confusion as we were trying to find the Thompson Island ferry.

Liner Caronia at the Black Falcon Cruse Terminal (60K)

We were 'escorted' through the channel by this Coast Guard patrol boat. Only three weeks after the terrorist highjackings of 9-11-2001, two of which originated at Logan Airport in Boston Harbor, things were still rather unsettling.

Coast Guard Patrol Boat 25347 in Boston Harbor on October 5, 2001 (70K)

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