Dino Trip 2003 - Prairie Village, Kansas to Abilene

We left home at 2:45 PM Saturday, June 21. Dick had spent the previous week getting the van set up with entertainment, packing and organizing supplies and tools, selecting and setting up a Magellan SporTrak Map GPS, and setting up the laptop to save digital photos and publish them to the web.

Dick and Thomas are ready to go. Photo credit: Lucy Hodgman

20030621-1727-Departure (38K)

Lucy gave us this excellent sendoff.

20030621-1729-Lucy-Says-Goodbye (30K)

We ate brunch at 9:00 AM at Dick's SAR meeting, so Dick & Thomas were ready for a late lunch by 3:00 PM. We stopped at our neighborhood Mr. Goodcents at 107th & Roe and ate pasta.

After filling the gas tank, we finally got underway at 3:25 PM.

20030621-1731-Mr-Goodcents (43K)

At I-70 mile marker 335, we stopped at the Wabunsee Rest Area. This building was unusual, built into the hill and with an observation deck on the roof. Who says Kansas is flat?

20030621-1742-Wabunsee-Rest-Area (63K)

This tryptic is "In memory of the dedicated employees who lost their lives serving the Kansas Department of Transportation and the State of Kansas, 1995"

20030621-1736-Tryptic (56K)

This historical marker commemorates the Flint Hills bluestem pasture region of central Kansas.

20030621-1737-History-Flint-Hills (91K)

We found a reasonably-priced room at the Best Western "President's Inn", not fancy but serviceable.

20030621-1743-Abilene-Best-Western (43K)

The desk clerk at the Best Western suggested dinner at the Kirby House. It was built in 1885 as the home of the family of a local banker. It has been a restaurant since 1987. Our meals were excellent. Dick had the Kansas City Strip with baked potato and a slice of seven-layer chocolate cake. Thomas ate a special side order of pasta and a bowl of ice cream for dessert.

Thomas is reading Harry Potter: The Order of the Phoenix in this picture. He started at 11:00 AM and by bedtime he had read over 500 pages.

20030621-1747-Kirby-House (92K)

As we left the Kirby House, we could smell milled corn. It was coming from the Abilene Flour Mill across the street from the Kirby House.

20030621-1748-Abilene-Flour-Mill (38K)

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