Dino Trip 2003 - Abilene, Kansas

We ate breakfast at our motel Sunday morning and then headed for the Greyhound Hall of Fame. It is directly across from the Eisenhower Center at 407 S. Buckeye Avenue. Next, we stopped by the Russell Stover Outlet Store at 1500 Caramel Lane. Finally, we headed west on I-70, bound for Hays and the Sternberg Museum.

The Best Western restaurant was Mexican, La Fiesta. Instead of the breakfast bar, we ordered from the menu - one egg, hash browns, and toast for Dick and two pancakes for Thomas. Thomas's pancakes filled his plate, so he shared with Dick. All together it was $5.30 plus tip.

20030622-1755-La-Fiesta (45K)

Thomas was still a bit sleepy.

20030622-1752-Breakfast-Thomas (56K)

Dick was a bit more awake.

20030622-1754-Breakfast-Dick (56K)

The Greyhound Hall of Fame honors racing greyhounds and their owners and trainers. We were the first visitors of the day. We met George, the host, at the door where he introduced us to Anna and Douglas, two retired greyhounds. Douglas is a hall-of-famer, elected in 1999; we saw his plaque later on.

George showed us a video on the history of greyhound racing. We then saw a collection of greyhound art and memorabilia including paintings, lithographs, photographs, water pitchers, sculptures, and even ash trays.

Next was a model interactive race track with videos describing different aspects of greyhound racing. Following that was the Hall of Fame with plaques and descriptions of dogs and trainers. Finally, there was a section showing race tracks around the US.

After we finished in the museum, George told us about an event in April and in the fall in Abilene where dog breeders and racers from around the world come and show and race the new dogs and then auction them off. This spring the highest bid was $39,000; last fall it was $59,000.

20030622-1758-Greyhound-Museum (35K)

This statue and its twin stand outside the entrance to the Greyhound Hall of Fame.

20030622-1761-Greyhound-Statue (62K)

This drawing was one of many works of art and memorabilia in the museum. Note the rabbit at the dog's feet. Live rabbits were used for many years in Coursing. Mechanical lures were developed in the 1910's.

20030622-1766-Greyhound-Lithograph (46K)

This dino stared down at us from a Sinclair station on Buckeye Avenue.

20030622-1775-Sinclair-Dino (33K)

Russell Stover operates a chocolate factory in Abilene. This is the outlet store. We bought a few things here since we like candy and especially chocolate.

20030622-1781-Russell-Stover (61K)

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