Dino Trip 2003 - North Dakota Capitol

Tuesday morning we drove to the North Dakota Capitol Building on our way to I-94.

The North Dakota Capitol Building has no dome.

20030701-2477-Bismarck-Capitol (54K)

A close-up of the Pioneer Family.

"The Pioneer Family"
"Presented to the State of North Dakota by Harry Falconer McLean to honor the memory of the pioneers of the great northwest."

20030701-2485-Bismarck-Pioneer-Family (51K)

"North Dakota"
"A member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition"
"1804 - 1806"

20030701-2502-ND-Sakajwea (68K)

20030701-2487-Bismarck-Children (92K)

The All Veterans Memorial displays flags from six US Services.

20030701-2489-ND-Cap-Vets (89K)

The interior of the memorial has about 15 plaques like this one place in an irregular circle around a globe in the center.

20030701-2490-ND-Vet-Mem-Plaque (77K)

This globe describes the Memorial's function as a one-hour-a-year solar clock.

20030701-2494-ND-Vet-Globe (71K)

The solar port for 11 November 11 AM

20030701-2495-ND-Vets-Mem-Sun-Port (30K)

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