Dino Trip 2003 - Bismarck, North Dakota

After the Dakota Dinosaur Museum in Dickinson, we wanted to put in as much driving on Monday as we could since Tuesday was to be the longest driving day of the trip. Our choices were to stay in Bismarck or 90 miles further east in Jamestown. By the time we got to Bismarck we were ready to stop, since it was late enough and Dick wanted to take some photos around the North Dakota State Capitol. Also, we had lost an hour clock-time since we had reentered the Central time zone.

There are big sky and beautiful clouds in North Dakota. Earlier we passed the Painted Canyon, and unusual formation in western North Dakota just off I-94. Maybe next time.

20030630-2466-ND-Clouds (47K)

These flags flew at a rest stop.

20030630-2467-US-ND-Flags (33K)

As we searched for Bismarck, we came across a Livestock Auction Hall.

20030630-2468-ND-Bismarck-Livestock-Sales (39K)

Welcome to Bismarck! Dick lived there when he was from two to four years old. This is the first time he has been back.

20030630-2472-Bismarck-Welcome (79K)

We stayed at the Radisson, a lovely hotel right in the heart of the city. When we arrived, a huge bus was unloading here. The next day at the Capitol, Dick talked to a woman from the tour, which was traveling from Clear Lake, Iowa to British Columbia.

20030701-2476-Bismarck-Raddison (79K)

This plain-speaking sign was posted in the public garage next to the Radisson.

Please Lock Your Car! // When you pay to park in this facility, you are only renting a space to park your car. You are not paying us to protect your car. // You take the same risks of your car being stolen or damaged as you take when you park on the street. // You agree that -- if someone steals or damages your car, or anything in your car -- you will not ask us to pay for your loss. // City of Bismarck

We did laundry the second time of the trip in Bismarck. On our way to the laundromat, we passed this house, with a truly amazing flag display in the yard.

20030630-2475-Bismarck-Flag-House (75K)

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