Dino Trip 2003 - Laramie, Wyoming

We left Steve and Debbie's about 11:00 AM Wednesday and headed for Laramie. We ate lunch on the northern outskirts of Denver as we headed north on I-25. At Cheyenne we turned west on I-80 for Laramie.

We arrived in Laramie about 3:00 PM. After some searching around the the University of Wyoming, we found the Geological Museum at the north-west corner of campus. The Campus is a central quadrangle with a one-way road circling a green. Being a univeristy, though, we found parking was restricted. Dick got directions to the Parking Authority, and the GPS guided us there through its stored roadmap. The clerk was kind enough to let us leave our car in their visitors' lot since it was late in the day and the museum was only a short walk away.

We toured the museum and then hung around the area until just after 5:00 PM. We spent about 1/2 hour hunting down a motel and then ate dinner, then did our laundry.

We found Gunther Toody's Diner just off I-25 in North Glenn, Colorado. It is a retro 50's style hamburger joint. Out waitress wore the tag "Betty Boop" and sat at our table while she took our order. Thomas had a cheeseburger; Dick had a burger and fries. We shared onion rings. There was so much food that neither of us could finish our meal.

20030625-1961-Gunther-Toodys (62K)

We saw signs of rain as we approached the Wyoming border. It rained for about 1/2 hour.

20030625-1964-Wyoming-Rainstorm (39K)

The museum was built in 1955. The display area is one long room with a mezzanine.

Note the T. Rex sculpture to the right - more of that later.

20030625-1968-Laramie-Museum (90K)

A boy visiting the museum showed Thomas his puppy. He and Thomas played with it outside the museum.

20030625-2037-Boys-Puppy (60K)

We stayed at the Sunset Inn - not fancy but serviceable.

20030625-2039-Sunset-Inn (75K)

We ate dinner at the Chuckwagon Restaurant, about 1/2 mile south of the Sunset Inn, near I-80. The non-smoking dining room was in the back. I had a steak; Thomas ate bare pasta.

20030625-2043-Chuckwagon-Laramie (50K)

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