Dino Trip 2003 - Denver Museum - Dinosaurs

Of course, we came to see the Dinosaurs and the Prehistoric Journey had Dinosaurs.

Here, Thomas points out steps in the evolutionary family tree of dinosaurs and their relatives.

20030624-1911-Dinosaur-Relatives (30K)

Scavenger Hunt (from the descriptive panel)

These Coelophyses are depicted scattering from a scavenge. Ceolophysis was found in North America and was an early dinosaur, living 225 million years ago.

20030624-1912-Scavenger-Coelophysis (58K)

This display depicts an encounter between the predator Allosaurus and a plant-eating Stegosaurus.

20030624-1915-Allosaurus-Stegosaurus (80K)

An Ankylosaur

20030624-1918-Ankylosaur (48K)

The head of a Diplodicus looms overhead.

20030624-1921-Diplodicus-Head (33K)

A T Rex skull with others

20030624-1925-T-Rex-Skull (48K)

A duckbill dinosaur

20030624-1926-Duckbill (49K)

A group of juvenile dinosaurs

20030624-1929-Juveniles (33K)

A Pteranodon depicted walking

20030624-1932-Pteranodon-Walking (48K)

Thomas views a display of mammal fossils.

20030624-1934-Mammals-Thomas (66K)

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