Dino Trip 2003 - Denver, Colorado

We arrived right on time. This is Steve and Debbie's home.

20030623-1881-Casa (53K)

Debbie and Steve prepared a barbecue for us when we arrived. We ate on the deck.
Steve later showed us videos of Antarctica, which he visits several times a year for his work.

Here are Steve and Debbie on their deck.

20030624-1949-Debbie-Steve (50K)

Thomas enjoyed the windspinners.

20030624-1951-Thomas-Windspinner (58K)

Tuesday night we treated to pizza at Armandos. We then all went monitor shopping, replacing one that had turned on dead that afternoon.

20030624-1952-Armandos (46K)

I guess hail is a common malady for cars in Denver.

20030624-1946-Ding-and-Dent (42K)

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