Dino Trip 2003 - Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Tuesday morning Thomas and Dick headed into town to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. It was the second stop at a dino museum on our itinerary.

We found free parking across from the entrance to the Museum.

20030624-1882-Denver-M-of-N-S (47K)

This T. Rex skeleton greets the visitor when entering the Museum.

20030624-1888-T-Rex-Thomas (73K)

We bought tickets to the Museum, the Planetarium, and to a space exploration hands-on exhibit. The Planetarium show was a tour of the solar system shown on a side-sloping wide-wide-angle screen similar to IMAX.

20030624-1943-Planetarium-Billboard (39K)

The space exploration show included a demonstration of spectum decomposition and recomposition, a hands-on demonstration of a Martian dust storm, and a set of core rock samples with descriptions.

Here, Thomas touches a visitor from interplanetary space, a fragment from the iron meterorite that created the Barringer Meteor Crater in Arizona 50,000 years ago. Lynne and Dick visited the Barringer Crater in 1982.

20030624-1891-Canyon-Diablo (42K)

Later on in our visit, Dick and Thomas had ice cream bars. Thomas had his favorite, a Chocolate Eclair.

20030624-1938-Thomas (55K)

This is the view up from the food court.

20030624-1939-Rafters (60K)

Thomas made a donation by placing a coin in the mouth of this extinct sabertooth cat's mouth to make him roar.

20030624-1941-Sabertooth-Thomas (32K)

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