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We arrived at the Best Western, checked in, and went to the Cosmosphere to catch the 5:00 PM IMAX - TO FLY! After the IMAX, we checked the boys in at the classroom for their overnight space camp and then bought our tickets for Saturday.

We picked up the boys at nine Saturday morning and went to the exhibit THE LOST SPACECRAFT: LIBERTY BELL 7 RECOVERED. It starts with a mockup of a 1960's family room with a TV showing space clips complete with space flight souvenirs on the bookshelves and a issue of Life magazine devoted to spaceflight. Displays continue covering the Mercury program and astronauts, a centrifuge ride, the flight of Liberty Bell Seven, the recovery, and the space capsule.

Next we toured the museum, which began with the German V-1 and V-2 programs from World War II, complete with an example of each. The museum exhibits continue chronologically with displays and many artifacts, including backup Sputnick I, Explorer, and Vanguard satellites. Manned space exhibits include Vostock, Soyuz, Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo spacecraft.

In the afternoon we saw another IMAX: Straight Up! Helicopters in Action, Dr. Goddard's Lab, and the Planeterium show The Night Sky Live!.

Several Boy Scout troops also visited the Cosmosphere. Here, one group prepares for a photograph.

20030412-1109-Cosmo-Outside (53K)

Park took this photo of Jenny and Dick as we arrived at the Cosmosphere.

20030412-1110-Cosmo-Jenny-Dick (67K)

The boys act goofy with some of the props in the classroom.

20030411-1102-Cosmo-Boys (72K)

The centrifuge provides rides for visitors; to each side are video screens showing the occupants during the ride.

20030412-1122-Cosmo-Centrifuge (70K)

Thomas and Austin waving from inside the centrifuge; Jenny and Diana in the centrifuge

20030412-1118-Cosmo-Centrifuge-Wave (28K) 20030412-1119-Cosmo-Centrifuge-Jenny (28K)

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