Cosmosphere - Getting to Hutchinson

Park and I picked up Thomas from school and stopped at the Corinth Square Subway for an early lunch. We then drove to Diana's where we met with Diana, Dan, Austin, and Austin's sister Jenny. Austin's friend Ian and his father Tim rounded out our group.

We left in a convoy, heading for Hutchinson. We had an assortment of FRS radios we tuned to the same channel and subchannel so we could caucus along the way. We planned to stop in Emporia, halfway through our four-hour drive to Hutchinson.

We stopped at McDonald's off I-35 in Emporia. This was the last exit before we headed off on US-50 to Hutchinson.

20030411-1092-Cosmo-McDonalds (50K)

This yellow and red windmill added some local color to the McDonald's.

20030411-1095-McDonalds-Windmill (43K)

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil

20030411-1097-Cosmo-McDonalds-Boys (69K)

Jenny and Dan

20030411-1098-Cosmo-McDonalds-Jenny (66K)

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