The Smithsonian

After the Library of Congress, we walked to Union Station where we got dinner at the food court and saw the movie Chicken Run.

Thursday we went to the Smithsonian. Lynne and Dick toured the National Gallery of Art in the morning and met the rest for lunch in their cafeteria. In the afternoon, we all toured the National Air and Space Museum and Dick and Thomas toured the Museum of Natural History.

Union Station

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The Smithsonian

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The entry hall to the National Air and Space Museum. The Wright flyer is to the left; the Spirit of Saint Louis is to the right.

20000712-2-03-SI-NA-Entrance (84K)

Thomas participated in a paper airplane contest.

20000712-2-04-SI-NA-Airplane-Contest (72K)

At the Museum of Natural History, here is Thomas with a baby dinosaur.

20000712-2-17-SI-Thomas-Baby-Dino (59K)

Here is Thomas with a T. Rex skull.

20000712-2-19-SI-Thomas-T-Rex (66K)

The Hope Diamond. In contrast, no cameras are allowed at the Tower of London when viewing the Crown Jewels.

20000712-3-04-SI-Hope-Diamond (61K)

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