Thom(p)son (Re)union - 2001 - Inscriptions

We visited nine cemeteries and I have 32 images of inscriptions.

Uxbridge cemetery - Uranah (Thompson) Thayer, #358 in Amy, p. 48.

Emorya, Adeline, and three infant children of D. S. & Sally W. Southwick.

Aldrich Cemetery - Benjamin Thomson, Amy #157, pp. 50-51, and Eunice Morse. According to Amy, they had eighteen children, born from 1791 to 1810.

South Douglas Cemetery - Leander Thompson (Amy #889, pp. 161, 162) and Uranah (Buffam) (Eddy) (widow Taft) Thompson

Farewell my Wife and Children dear
Farewell comrades, who seem so near
For Jesus calls and I must go
And leave you here in grief below.

East Douglas - Evergreen Cemetery - Emma F. Thompson (Amy #1356, p. 161) (1861 - 1924) and her husband LaFayette Taft (1850 - 1943)

Neither Harford Thompson nor Harriett Adella Thompson are listed in Amy.

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