Puerto de Santa Maria In the Evening

Don and Kay met us in Rota and drove us around to see more of Rota and Puerto de Santa Maria.

As I recall, these houses are next to the Navy Base.

20000615-3-20A-Rota-Houses (69K)

Christopher Columbus came to Puerto de Santa Maria to pick up his flagship in 1492, thus the ship was named the Santa Maria. This was commemorated in 1892 and 1992 with these plaques in Plaza Alfonso X.

20000615-4-23A-Rota-Plaza-Cristobal-Colon (70K)
20000615-4-24A-Rota-Plaza-Sign (74K)

Plaza Alfonso X

20000615-4-10A-Rota-Palacio-Courtyard (53K)

Palacio De Justicia on Plaza Alfonso X. We will the see the moon again Friday night in Villamora, Portugal.

20000615-4-21A-Rota-Plaza-Palazio (56K)

The plaza is laid in brick and pebbles-on-edge.

20000616-1-02-Rota-Brick-Walk (84K)

More pebbles laid on edge, like we saw in Cordoba.

20000616-1-04-Rota-Pebble-Sidewalk (104K)

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