Climbing Hill Points of Interest

In 1919, Dick's grandmother had a contract teaching school in Climbing Hill. Her father arranged for lodging, boarding with Doctor Glan and his family. He told Dr. Glan she was not to date, and that he was to send him her paychecks each month. He then paid her an allowance. She was 22 years old. (Ref. Hallie Sargisson and Julie Sargisson, 2000.)

The Climbing Hill School was built in 1916.

This is the Glan's house where Dick's grandmother boarded. It is across and about a block down the street from the school.

From 1911 to 1913 the Montange family lived outside of Climbing Hill. Sunday mornings my great-grandfather George would hitch up the buggy and bring the children into town to go to Sunday School at the Baptist Church. Aunt Hallie remembers being in programs when she was a child.

Forty years later the funerals of my great-grandparents were held here.

The Montange family plot is in the Climbing Hill cemetery. Lawrence was the first to be buried here in 1912.

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