Disneyland - This and That

We ate and ate and ate at Disneyland. On our way out the last day we finally spotted a Funnel Cake stand so we stopped anyway.

Notice the sweeper on the right.

Here's Lorenzo, the sweeper on the right in the photo above. He was one of hundreds of cast members who worked in the background keeping Disneyland spotless.

All of Disneyland is an elaborate simulation. Nevertheless, these pink flamingos kind of outdid all the rest.

The caption reads "Saint-Saëns - Carnival of the Animals: Finale". I guess we get some culture here, too.

We stayed at the Days Inn, 1111 S. Harbor Blvd., Anaheim. We bought three-day passes from the desk at the Holiday Inn, 1221 S. Harbor Boulevard, Anaheim, just a block away.

The passes had a magnetic stripe on the back and just had to be passed through a turnstile to enter the park. The size of a credit card, they easily fit in Dick's wallet.

If the wait is long at selected attractions, you can put your magnetic stripe admission ticket into a machine and get a Fastpass that lets you in at the head of the line a bit later. For instance, if the wait at Space Mountain is 45 minutes, the Fastpass could admit you with no wait in an hour.

We used the out-of-line waiting time to go to a few rides, but mostly we used the time to eat more. Thus, it pays Disneyland to have patrons buying food instead of waiting in line consuming nothing.

We parked in a monster parking structure, soon to be shared with Disney's California Adventure theme park. It must hold at least 1000 cars in each of seven levels. It was a challenge remembering which level we parked in so we could take the proper escalator when we returned to the car.

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