Dino Trip 2003 - Sternberg Museum

The Sternberg Museum of Hays State University moved here a couple of years ago. They acquired this facility from the state of Kansas; it was an entertainment complex, including a bowling alley.

20030622-1824-Sternberg (26K)

The mammoth was in the lobby of the Sternberg.

20030622-1794-Mammoth-white (48K)

This sign preceded the (non-) animated dinosaur exhibit. It is housed in the third floor of the round building and represents cretaceous Colorado.

20030622-1796-Dont-Feed-the-Dinos (61K)

These Pteranodons swooped overhead.

20030622-1798-Pteranodon (67K)

This is an Apatosaurus femur to touch and sit on.

20030622-1799-Thomas-Apatosaurus (38K)

The T Rex, as were all the animated dinosaurs, under repair and non-moving.

20030622-1800-T-Rex (77K)

Charles Sternberg was head of the department at Hays State and in this display is depicted excavating his prize specimen, a fish-within-a-fish.

20030622-1802-Sternberg-Thomas (52K)

The fish-within-a-fish specimen.

20030622-1805-Fish-In-Fish (44K)

The Discovery Room, supported by the Ronald McDonald foundation.

20030622-1816-Discovery-Room (36K)

There were a hundred of these specimen and description drawers. Some held butterflies.

20030622-1815-Discovery-Drawer (65K)

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