Dino Trip 2003 - Sioux City - Graceland Cemetery, Morningside

We arrived in Sioux City near 8:00 PM and found a room and ate dinner at Garfields. We arranged to visit with Aunt Hallie Wednesday morning at her farm in Luton.

The Comfort Inn at the Southern Hills.

20030702-2541-IA-SC-Comfort-Inn (46K)

Dick's father, grandparents, and great-aunt and great-unkle are buried in Graceland Park Cemetery, in the Morningside district of Sioux City, Iowa.

20030702-2542-IA-SC-Graceland (65K)

The Yockey / Hodgman / Firth burial site is in the Mt. Olive section of Graceland, near Bohart. Before Unkle Arch had the large stone erected, our locator was always Bohart.

20030702-2546-Graceland-Yockey-Hodgman (107K)

Thomas by Yockey / Hodgman.
GPS Coordinates N 4227.458' W 9620.830' altitude 1296 ft

20030702-2548-Graceland-Thomas (94K)

20030702-2549-Graceland-RBH-Sr (67K) 20030702-2550-Graceland-GLY (59K) 20030702-2551-Graceland-VMY (59K)


20030702-2552-Graceland-Firth (80K)

20030702-2553-Graceland-AVF (74K) 20030702-2554-Graceland-GMF (68K)

I found this memorial in the Laurel Section of Graceland Park.
"Our Little Angel" - she lived only 38 minutes.

20030702-2558-Graceland-Our-Little-Angel (93K)

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