Dino Trip 2003 -

These are images selected from the trip.

20030622-1775-Sinclair-Dino (33K)

20030622-1794-Mammoth-white (48K)

20030622-1834-Sunset (20K)

20030624-1888-T-Rex-Thomas (73K)

20030625-1977-Big-Al-Thomas (76K)

20030626-2054-Medicine-Bow-For-Sale (60K)

20030626-2137-Thermopolis-Allosaurus (69K)

20030627-2211-Lucilles-Cafe (99K)

20030630-2397-Isaac-Montange-Grave-Section (107K)

20030630-2467-US-ND-Flags (33K)

20030630-2475-Bismarck-Flag-House (75K)

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