Rafting On the Colorado River

At another pull-off, Dick looked down and saw rafters on the river. Our friend Carolyn had been rafting the Colorado from Moab just the week before.

You had to look pretty high to see the sky above these cliffs. Look for the raft as you scroll down.

Remember the sign warning of narrow, winding roads? Here we saw a memorial to two people who had died on this curve - see the crosses at the right.
Dick put the car in park, put on the brakes, and took out the key whenever he pulled over.

Scroll to the right to see the entire picture.

Here is a close-up of the memorial, with the rushing river behind. The crosses are propped up with stones and each cross is adorned with flowers.

From the UT-191 junction, the UT-128 Winding Road sign looks more immediate and fitting.

As we prepared to turn left for Moab, we saw this bus towing three river rafts.

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