Dinosaur National Monument

Finally, we made it to Dinosaur National Monument.

This is the western entrance to Dinosaur National Monument.

We paid $10 for a five-day pass and proceeded to the shuttle station. Since the last time we were here, the park has become so popular that in the summer months tourists are not allowed to drive to the Quarry. Instead, a shuttle drives from the parking lot to the Quarry and back every fifteen minutes.

This is the Quarry building. It is build right up against the rock face, which can be seen at the far right in this photo.

We arrived as a ranger was giving a kids' presentation. Behind her is the rock face of the Quarry.

After the presentation, we walked around the quarry face. Dick got "What Kind Of Bone Is That?", A Guide to Fossil Bones Of the Quarry, published by the Dinosaur Nature Association, which identified individual fossils and entire animals on the rock face.

Dick also posed by the rock face, the last time we visited Dinosaur National Monument.

In 1982, the stegosaurus outside was green.

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