Laconia, NH, June 23, 1995

Lynne was born in Laconia. She wanted to visit family friends, visit the World War II veterans' memorial to look for family names, and have Lucy and Thomas see the town where she grew up.

Just as we turned off Interstate 93 to US 3, Dick saw this NH State Trooper striking a "trooper pose".

We had lunch at Weeks Dairy in Laconia. This was a popular haunt when Lynne was in high school. Since then, Weeks has expanded their business all across New Hampshire; you can see their products in dairy cases in most supermarkets.

If you can decode the sign, send me an EMail and I will post your solution and give you credit on this page.

As of December 1999, I have been informed that Weeks is no more in Laconia. So sad.

The World War II veterans' memorial is directly across from the Laconia library. It has been put up in just the last couple of years, as were the Vietnam and Korea memorials. Other veterans' memorials are nearby.

This is Laconia High School. Lynne missed her last reunion because she was pregnant with Thomas. She called the party and talked to some classmates.

Look up or contribute the EMail address of a graduate of Laconia High School.

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