Kennebunk, ME, June 26, 1995
After we left Ogunquit, we wandered north toward Kennebunk. We drove through York on US Route 1, where we saw a McDonalds that advertised lobster. We continued north, and headed off the highway to the east. A turn here, a turn there, and we ended up at the beach at Kennebunk.

This house overlooks the beach. Dick couldn't resist the photo op. He especially liked the pink trim. It really sets off the baby blue. Not just anyone could pull off such a color combination.

This hydrant looked like it had been painted yesterday. You sure couldn't miss it. I wonder if it glows in the dark, too.

After the beach, we continued to wander north. We came across a large house along the shore with a couple of out-buildings. At the gate was an official "don't come in" sign. We figured we had found the Bush's Kennebunkport "retreat". It didn't look like anyone was home, though.

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