Dick Visits the Plaza

Lucy and Dick went to the Plaza on June 5 on a photo shoot. Dick tried out our new Minolta Explorer Freedom Zoom EX Point-and-Shoot 35 mm camera.

Here's Poseidon again. It turns out, however, that the plaque under the fountain, transcribed below, calls him Neptune.

God of the Sea

This statue of Neptune with his trident and three horses, famous in Greek mythology, was cast of lead in 1911 at the Bromsgrove Guild, Ltd., of Worschestershire, England for the Pennsylvania estate of the late Alba B. Johnson, the president of the Baldwin Locomotive Company.

In 1946, following Mr. Johnson's death, the estate became the property of the New Sharon Convent Of the Holy Child Jesus in Rosemont, Pa. and later the statuary was acquired by an eastern art dealer. In 1953 it was purchased and installed by the J. C. Nichols Company and dedicated to the enjoyment of all visitors to the Plaza.

Restoration Hardware has just recently replaced the Plaza Theater. Here's their pitch for Fathers' Day.

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