Faces on the Plaza - July 2, 2000

This page is a treasure hunt. These faces are details from the decorations on the Plaza. See if you can find them, identify them, and count them. If you do, send me Email. I will credit on this page the first to do so for each set of faces.

There are eight of these fellows on one block. One is repeated four times, the other two are repeated twice. Identify where they are and which is repeated four times, and I will credit your discovery here.

There are four faces on this clock with an economy of design - one of the designs is repeated. Locate the clock and tell me which face is repeated and I will credit you here.

These faces are also repeated. Tell me the pattern and where they are found and I will credit you here.

This face is repeated two and a half times! Tell me where they are and I will credit you here.

Copyright (C) 2000 by Dick Hodgman.
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